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A luxurious South Lake Tahoe spa experience based on a time-honored tradition

Our South Lake Tahoe spa is one of only two locations in the United States to experience the time-tested therapeutic benefits of bathing in pure cedar and natural, living enzymes. We offer authentic Japanese Cedar Enzyme Detox Baths complemented with an optional Oxygen Bar to help our clients experience a wide range of benefits from improving circulation and relieving joint and muscle pain to giving their bodies a radiant glow and deeply calming their minds. Combined with our sister business, Tahoe Aesthetics, next door, our aesthetically pleasing South Lake Tahoe spa is a place for beauty, health and relaxation.

Japanese Cedar Detox Benefits

Detoxification is one of the myriad health benefits derived from Japanese Cedar Bath therapies, some of which have been proven by scientific research from Kanazawa Medical University in Hokkaido, Japan. The warming experience influences metabolic activity. The effects of increased metabolism from the immersion of heat and cedar help eliminate waste products and toxins through perspiration and lymphatic drainage. The medicinal properties of cedar regenerate the lymphatic system.

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Elegant Tranquility

At our elegant South Lake Tahoe spa, all of your tension will fade away as the heat and aromas of our unique Cedar Enzyme Baths steep you in tranquility. Our spa is one of only two locations in the United States where you can experience this time-tested therapy.
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Cedar Enzyme Baths

A Cedar Enzyme Bath is a traditional Japanese healing treatment that immerses you in a mixture of soft, dry, fermented cedar and enzymes cultured and imported from the organic farm-lands of Hokkaido, Japan. The baths are a time-tested remedy for detoxification, stress, exfoliation and recovery.
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Rejuvenate Your Mind & Body

As you simply rest in the warmth of the cedar, you'll rejuvenate your metabolism, digestion, sleep and skin. During your post-bath cool down and hydration period, you can complete your experience with a treatment in our Oxygen Bar.
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Tahoe Forest Baths Reviews

“Total ZEN!”

Luxurious! What a unique experience! We arrived at 10 AM for our hour long appointment. The process was explained and we felt very comfortable during the entire service. I loved the heat I felt while in the bath. The view from the relaxation area is of Lake Tahoe. My friend and I left feeling total ZEN! Highly recommend!!!

Natalie, 2023
“Perfect for a Couple”

We had an incredible experience at Tahoe Forest Baths! It was a wonderful way for my husband and I to have a relaxing time together. This would be perfect for a couple, a bachelorette party, or after a full day on the slopes. The cedar is naturally hot and it feels amazing to be wrapped up in it for 20-30 minutes. You’ll get a good sweat and feel rejuvenated after! There are so many benefits to the cedar bath! Highly recommend! We can’t wait to go back!

Samantha, 2023
“My Skin Felt Incredible”

Amazing experience! I had no idea what I was in for when my friend asked me to join her to experience a Cedar Bath. Clean, modern, educational and peaceful. By the end my skin felt incredible and my energy level was calm yet I was ready to take on the rest of my day. The staff are welcoming, answered all my questions and made me feel very safe and relaxed. Here's to Lake Tahoe's newest addition to service both locals and visitors! Congratulations Tahoe Forest Baths!

Lori, 2023

The Japanese cedar enzyme ion baths are amazing! After freezing on the slopes these steaming baths warm your core while you relax. I felt focused and energized the rest of the day. The bath took all my soreness from snowboarding away!

Mark, 2023

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A Time-Tested Therapy

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Health Benefits

You come to Tahoe to feel your best, and that is why we are here. Whether you’re setting the tone for the perfect vacation or recovering from your Tahoe fun, come find the healthiest version of yourself at our South Lake Tahoe spa.

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Olympic History

The origins of healing Cedar Enzyme Baths can be traced back 90 years. They were introduced in the 1940s in Hakkaido, Japan, then gained international attention in 1972 when they were offered to athletes at the 11th Winter Olympic Games in Sapporo.

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Tahoe Forest Baths FAQ

The baths boost circulation and metabolism, reduce stress, beautify the skin, relieve aches and pains and elevate moods. See our Benefits page.
It’s your choice. You can wear a swimsuit, or our provided disposable undergarments. We also ask our guests to rinse or shower before arriving.
Yes, the baths and changing areas are private.
The heat in the Cedar Enzyme Bath is generated biologically through the process of fermentation, which is naturally purifying. Since it maintains a high temperature, pathogenic bacteria do not exist. The Cedar Enzyme Bath cleans itself and breaks down toxins naturally. A coating of mate-rial that sticks to your body while you are in the bath absorbs perspiration. This coating is brushed off your body after you finish the bath outside the tub. The high temperatures, biochemistry of the fermentation process and the low pH of the wood fibers work together to create a hygienic environment. We change the cedar weekly to replenish the aromatics. A lining of charcoal at the bottom of the tub aids in cleanliness and heat retention.
The baths are biologically heated from the activity of thermostable enzymes. The thermal activity of aerobic digestion is energy intensive, reaching its high temperatures.
People with high blood pressure who have it controlled with medication and are accustomed to taking hot tubs or other heat therapies will be fine but should be aware of the nature of the treatment and of their own limitations.
The bath is not appropriate for chemotherapy patients. Consult your physician to find out when you will be able to receive a cedar bath once you complete your treatment. We require a minimum of 2 weeks past your final treatment.
Our guests do not report feeling confined but rather held in a warming cocoon. The fibers in the tub are very lightweight and it’s easy move your arms and legs at any time during the treatment, or get out of the tub by yourself. Since it is a dry method, the skin can breathe smoothly, promoting blood circulation and increasing metabolic function.
Yes, quite so. Our heat source is natural fermentation that does not use fossil fuels.
Single Japanese Cedar Detox: 150.00
Couples Japanese Cedar Detox: 130.00 per bather
Optional Oxygen Bar: 20.00 per person (15 minutes)
Please allow for an hour and fifteen minutes for your treatment.
The private spa room will be reserved for you and your party for an hour and half.
Please call for reservations if party is bigger than 2.
Max 4 bathers per appointment.