Tahoe Forest Baths

Health Benefits of Cedar Enzyme Baths

Tahoe Forest Baths offer myriad health benefits, some of which have been proven by scientific research from Kanazawa Medical University in Hokkaido, Japan, where this therapy originated. In addition to health benefits, our elegant South Lake Tahoe spa was designed to stimulate all five senses. With views of Lake Tahoe, the pleasant aromas of cedar, relaxing spa music, hydration enzyme drinks, and the warmth of the cedar, you will feel a sense of overall well-being and mood enhancement.

Reduced Tension & Stress
There is evidence-based research that Cedar Enzyme Baths reduce stress by balancing the nervous system and stimulating serotonin.

Improved Circulation
The warmth of the dry bath permeates throughout the body, dilating the cardiovascular system and providing oxygen-rich blood flow and improved microcirculation.

Beautiful Skin
The warm cedar dilates and cleanses the pores, and the enzyme activity performs a full-body exfoliation.

Improved Immunity
The warm cedar baths enhance immune capacity by influencing an increased activity of NK cells and the adjustment of white blood cells to the optimal state.

The warming experience influences metabolic activity. The effects of increased metabolism from the immersion of heat and cedar help eliminate waste products and toxins through perspiration and lymphatic drainage. The medicinal properties of cedar regenerate the lymphatic system.

Before or after your Tahoe activities, a Cedar Enzyme Bath can help you recover quickly, loosen muscles and relieve muscle and joint aches. Increased circulation will aid in lymphatic drainage, decreasing swelling, lactic acid and inflammation buildup from strenuous activities. See our History page to see how Olympic athletes have used this healing therapy for recovery.

Enzyme Exfoliation
Evidence-based research has proven that active enzymes in the bath exfoliate the skin, breaking down waste and promoting skin-cell turnover while improving symptoms of the skin such as excessive skin dryness, eczema, dullness and rashes. Benefits will be increased with repeated therapy.

The medicinal properties of the cedar oil and vapors will promote a serotonin boost, elevating mood and physical relaxation and promoting better sleep.