Tahoe Forest Baths

About Cedar Enzyme Baths

A Cedar Enzyme Bath is a traditional Japanese deep-heating treatment that immerses you in a mixture of warm, soft fermented cedar, rice bran and an enzyme solution organically sourced from more than 50 fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds and grasses.

The heat is generated biologically up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit via fermenting microorganisms, with-out the use of electricity or fossil fuels. Since the thermal conductivity of the cedar is very low, your body can absorb the heat rather than protect itself from it. This means your body warms from the core, which dilates the cardiovascular system providing oxygen-rich nutrients and optimal blood flow. The discharge of waste is accelerated, providing a full body detox.

You will experience healing from stress and anxiety more powerful than a forest-bathing walk in the woods. The warmth of the cedar shavings and healing aromas of cedar, combined with the Otaka Enzyme Undiluted Solution from Hokkaido, Japan, stimulate the limbic system, suppressing sympathetic nerves and allowing you to enter into a deep state of relaxation.

You will emerge from your Cedar Enzyme Bath with a renewed sense of physical and psychological well-being. Step into our South Lake Tahoe spa, and you will find healing, beauty and inner peace.